Our Newcastle
Emergency Hospital
is open 24/7

You don’t need an appointment to bring your pet in, but please call us before you get here so we can act within life-saving seconds on your arrival.

If your pet needs help,
follow these steps:

Call us so our nurses know what to expect when you arrive.

Tell us your pet’s name and what’s wrong so we cantreat them straight away.

Bring the packet orwrapper if your pet hasswallowed something.

Bring any records or notes if your regular vet has recently treated your pet.

Park in an emergency bay out the front and carry your pet through the glass door.

triage means the sickest patients are seen first

Just as in a human emergency room, the most urgent cases with a life-threatening injury or illness are prioritised and seen straight away. There may be a wait if your pet is classified as medically stable, so we can care for other animals who are seriously unwell.

Delivering 24/7 emergency vet care since 2004

AREC has provided emergency, after-hours and critical care for pets in the Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter region since 2004. With over 100 qualified staff, our purpose-built facilities provide holistic medical care to more than 10,000 pets and their humans every year. We work closely with pet-owners and local referring vets so your pet gets the best possible medical care and treatment when they need it most.


Your pet will be weighed so we can accurately prescribe the right medication. Our triage nurse will assess them, and they will be seen by a vet. The vet will present your options and a treatment plan so you can make the best decision for your pet.

Cats should travel in a cat carrier. Dogs should be on a lead while in the clinic. If you need a trolley to safely bring your large dog into the clinic, we have them available so please ask one of our team.

We usually say that if you were concerned enough to call, then it’s probably best to bring your pet in. You know your pet better than anyone, so if you think they can wait until your General Practitioner is open, it will save you paying emergency vet fees. 
Some signs that your pet may require urgent assistance include: 

  • Abdominal bloating 
  • You know or suspect that they have ingested a toxin or foreign body 
  • Trauma eg. Fight with another animal, being hit by a vehicle  
  • Paralysis ticks, snake or spider bites 
  • Changes to their breathing or eating / drinking habits 
  • Overheating, collapsing, or inability to move normally 

No, an appointment isn’t necessary. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health and your vet isn’t available, you can bring your pet to AREC at any time of the day or night. Our experienced team of animal health experts are available to care for your pet 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.