Envision hands drop off point

24/7 Newcastle plastic bottle top collection point for Envision hands project

The simple action of collecting bottle tops can help, not only for the environment, but also for a wonderful humanitarian cause!

When our vet nurse Beck approached AREC with this idea, it was an absolute YES!.

What a simple way to be a part of something so positive! And being a 24/7 fully staffed hospital, made it easy for us to become a drop off point that is convenient for the general public.

Turning plastic bottle tops into prosthetic limbs for children!

Here is a video which explains the process;

So what kind of bottle tops can you collect and drop off?

We currently use all flat soft drink, water and milk bottle tops, including those from long life containers. The tops should be numbered either No 2 or No 4 in the recycled triangle but not all are marked. Ideally all bottle caps should be sorted into 2, 4 and unknown. We can use the unknown bottle caps for our R&D projects. We cannot process tops which have other plastic or metal attached – this includes water bottle tops which have pull up tops.  Any tops with other numbers like 5 or 7 are not required. We also ask that the caps are cleaned before they are donated and that no extra plastic, metal or other material is attached. Thank you so much for supporting Envision Hands.

For more FAQs https://envision.org.au/faq/

Where can we drop off?

Here at the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre

Click this map to click through to Google Maps and directions

Beck also came up with this great idea to help make collecting easy.  A quick trip to Kmart and she found these peg baskets for $2.  She has now hung these on our existing bins around the hospital.  We will also have a dedicated collection bin in our reception area – which is of course accessible 24/7!

Envision Helping Hands New Flyer

bottle top collection
This is how we are collecting bottle tops here at AREC