The investment in an emergency veterinary practice is high, we’ll do our best to provide the highest possible care while making sure we stay within your budget. We will keep you updated on costs when treatments are prolonged.

All invoices must be paid at the time of consultation or discharge. When we admit your pet to our hospital we will ask for 50% of the treatment plan estimate up front.

We accept Cash, Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa and Amex. We also realise that in an emergency situation funds are not always available at short notice; to provide peace of mind in these situations we accept VetPay Veterinary Treatment Finance. Pre-Approvals are available or we can complete an application for you at any time of the day or night if you have a veterinary emergency.

If your pet is covered by pet insurance we will work with you and your pet insurer to complete the necessary paper work for your claim.

The fees listed are an estimate and act as a guide only. A detailed medical plan and costing is provided to every admitted patient. The Veterinarian will discuss the medical plan and associated costs with you during the initial consultation. Because the condition of critically ill patients changes from hour to hour, usually only the first 12-24 hours of care is estimated initially.

ItemEstimated Costs
Emergency Consultation$220
Emergency Consultation
(Public Holidays)
CT ImagingFrom $1450
MRI ImagingFrom $2700
Referral ServiceDescriptionEstimated Costs
(Dr Julian Lunn)
45min Initial – Mon – Fri
15-30min recheck
15min recheck (brief)
(Dr Lindy Price)
1hr Initial – Mondays & Fridays
30min recheck
Internal Medicine Specialist
(Dr Geoff Gibbons)
1hr Initial Consult – Mon to Thurs
30min recheck
15min recheck
Dermatology Specialist
(Dr Danielle Hoolahan)
(Currently on maternity leave at AREC)
1hr Initial Consult
30min Recheck