For Pet Owners

Pet owners can bring pets directly to AREC for emergency vet attention or be referred by your regular vet for after-hours or critical care for complex conditions.

Worried about your pet’s health?

Your pet is part of the family, so we know how stressful and traumatic it is if they are hurt or sick. It’s scary trusting their care to someone who isn’t their regular vet, but emergencies don’t wait. At AREC, our team provides the best possible health care for your pet when they need it, and we work closely with your regular vet to ensure ongoing continuity of care.

pet owners

Do I need an appointment?

No, an appointment isn’t necessary. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health and your vet isn’t available, you can bring your pet to AREC at any time of the day or night. Our experienced team of animal health experts are available to care for your pet 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.

What happens when
my pet arrives in an emergency?

Your pet will be weighed so we can accurately prescribe the right medication.

Our triage nurse will assess the urgency of their condition.

A vet will examine your pet and give you with a treatment plan and a written fee estimate.

pet owners
pet owners

We discuss the options so you can make the best decision for your pet.

If you consent, we will admit your pet to the hospital and begin their treatment.

We stay in contact via phone or SMS to keep you up to date with your pet’s condition.


Your pet will get an identification collar, similar to the ID bracelet human patients get when they are admitted to hospital. They will receive the treatment, diagnostic tests and nursing care the vet discussed with you in the consultation. Let us know if your pet is taking regular medications or is on a particular diet. We may ask you to bring them in during their hospital stay.

We will contact you immediately if we are concerned about your pet or there is a change in their condition. Please double-check the contact numbers you give us and keep your phone close by.

Our staff will call you to let you know how your pet is and update you with any test results usually within 6 hours of them being admitted to hospital. Emergencies can sometimes prevent us from getting to the phone, so if you haven’t heard from us within that time frame, please call our team.

Hospital vets do rounds each morning to re-examine and assess all the patients in the hospital. We’ll call to discuss your pet’s ongoing treatment plan with you. Expect a phone call between 9am-12pm, and another update later in the afternoon or early evening.

Many of our patients benefit from a visit by their owner, however, there are some cases when the excitement of a visit can be detrimental to recovery. If your pet is being treated for tick paralysis or breathing difficulties, we will need to assess a visit depending on your pet’s individual circumstance. Visiting hours are between 10am-4pm but please call us to arrange your visit time.

We’ll send you an SMS between 6am-8am to let you know if your pet will be discharged or whether they need to stay in hospital. If you haven’t received an SMS from us by 8am, please give us a call. 

If your pet is either going home or to your regular vet, our hospital vet will explain any ongoing treatment or care plans with you in a discharge consult. We provide you with a full medical record so you (and your vet) knows what treatment your pet has had in our care.

Our goal is a speedy recovery for your pet, so they are back home with you as soon as possible.

What fees can pet owners expect?

In Australia, Medicare subsidises healthcare expenses for humans. As there is no Medicare for pets, it’s up to pet owners to cover the full cost of their animal’s medical treatment.  If your pet needs emergency vet care, you will need to pay the initial emergency consult fee at the time of consultation, and any additional treatment or hospital fees. See our Fees page for more information.

What if I have pet insurance?

If your pet is covered by pet insurance we work with you and your insurance company to complete all the necessary paper work for your claim. Please note that most insurance companies require you to pay the bill in total first, and they will reimburse you later. Check out our Pet Insurance information.