Referral services
for vets

Vets work incredibly hard for their patients, but it’s just not feasible to have a clinic open all day, every day. You deserve a safety net of emergency and after-hours vet support, so your patients can access medical advice when they need it most and you can deliver continuity of care.

Vets deserve back up

We believe every pet should have access to medical treatment when
they need it. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency medical care and
specialist support for vets in the Hunter region.

how to make a referral to arec

You can refer patients to us via the Referral Form at any time of the day or night by following the step by step process. We will enter your patient’s details into our system and contact you if we requirefurther information.

stay up to date
with your patients

Hospital vets do rounds each morning to re-examine and assess all the patients in hospital. We discuss a patient’s treatment plan with the owner and may contact you via phone or email for further information. If we’ve treated a patient of yours, we provide a written report outlining the treatment and medication they were given so you can continue to care for them with all the relevant knowledge at hand.

What's the patient handover

We discharge patients in the morning, either to go home or back into their regular vet’s care. Owners are given a full medical record so you know what treatment your patient has had in our care and you can continue to care for them.

What specialist, referral and emergency
services does arec provide?

General practice vets can refer patients to AREC for support to assess and
treat complex cases or for after-hours care.

Specialist dermatologist

services dermatologist

With experience in diagnosing and treating chronic skin, ear and nail disease, we can help if your patient hasn’t responded to general treatment.

after hours & critical care

services after hours

AREC supports vets with expert medical care 24/7. We keep you in the loop with comprehensive patient treatment reports so you can provide continuity of care.


services rehabilitation

Rehab services include laser therapy, physiotherapy and custom splints. Our goal is to empower owners to support their pet's recovery.

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