At AREC we apply our philosophy and principles in our dealings with all of our clients and patients.

AREC Purpose

Respecting humanity by improving animal well-being

AREC Customer Philosophy

At AREC our clients (including referral veterinarians) and patients are our top priority.  We establish rapport with clients through communication, concern for their pet’s welfare, and the expertise and equipment to ensure the best care for their pet.

The outcome of veterinary treatment can vary from absolute joy to desolate sadness.  Whatever the result, it will be achieved with our best effort.

We expect mutual respect to be observed in all relationships between staff and the clients of AREC.


AREC aims to provide the best level of emergency veterinary care that can be delivered to the animal owners in the practice area by:

  • Communicating honestly and openly with our clients at all times.
  • Maintaining and increasing our skills and knowledge.
  • Making available the best equipment we can afford.
  • If we can’t solve a problem we refer our client to someone who can.
  • If we can’t solve a problem due to financial constraints we ensure that the welfare of the animal remains paramount.
  • Constantly evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, consolidating our strengths and improving on our weaknesses.
  • Ensuring that care and compassion underpins every treatment.



Professionalism: We speak and act professionally with each other and our referring hospitals.

Empathy: We care with empathy for our clients and each other.

Excellence: We maintain excellent evidence-based clinical standards and strive to be at the cutting edge.

Diligence: We are diligent in our learning and growth.

Integrity: We show integrity by following through on our care plans and doing what we say we will do.

AREC Financial Philosophy

All fees for products and services are carefully calculated to be fair to the client whilst providing a fair return to the practice owners.  The investment in an emergency veterinary practice is high, we’ll do our best to provide the highest possible care while making sure we stay within your budget. We will keep you updated on costs when treatments are prolonged.

All invoices must be paid at the time of consultation or discharge. When we admit your pet to our hospital we will ask for 50% of the treatment plan estimate up front.

We accept Cash, Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa and Amex. We also realise that in an emergency situation funds are not always available at short notice, to provide peace of mind in these situations we accept VetPay Veterinary Treatment Finance. Pre-Approvals are available or we can complete an application for you at any time of the day or night if you have an veterinary emergency.

If you pet is covered by pet insurance we will work with you and your pet insurer to complete the necessary paper work for your claim.

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