Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is fast becoming a necessary part of owing a pet. 

Here are some tips

That may help you select a Pet Insurance Plan for your Pet.


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Making a Claim

If the unfortunate happens, you will need to make a claim on your policy. Tips to help you through the process:

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Don’t panic!

Pay your vet bill. Unlike human health insurance, you must pay your veterinarian out of your pocket, then file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Check your policy to see if the incident is covered. Some pet polices exclude coverage for genetic or hereditary conditions.

Save any invoices from your veterinarian, and contact your insurer as soon as possible. Usually you must make a claim within a set time period.

Obtain a claim form. You can find these on this website or on your insurer’s website.

Follow the instructions on the claim form. Typically, your veterinarian can assist you with this step.

If you need to send in vet invoices with the claim form, be sure to make copies for your own records.

Don't forget to document your interactions with your insurer during the claims process.

Important: The information above is non-specific to any particular pet insurance policy and should be regarded as a basic overview of the type of procedures involved upon making a claim. Always refer to your insurer for specific, accurate information on the procedures and processes involved in making a claim.