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Vet Nurse Internship AREC Emergency Vet

After successfully introducing our Veterinary Nurse Internship program for 2023, AREC is excited to announce that applications for the Vet Nurse Internship Program of 2024 are now open.  


This 12-month program is designed for veterinary nurses with limited experience who are looking for a supportive position that encourages holistic, educational and practical growth. 


Our program is designed to develop and expose junior nurses to a wide range of emergency cases. Here at AREC, we have an extensive and detailed progression plan to guide junior nurses step by step toward becoming confident and competent emergency and critical care nurses. This internship hopes to achieve, but does guarantee, candidates will obtain an ECC nursing position at the end of the program.   


Program Overview 


Vet nurse interns will commit to a paid 12-month on-the-job and intentional learning program.  


Shift commitments will be a mix of:

  • Junior Nurse/Animal Attendant shifts (x2 per week) 
  • General practice (x1 per week) rotating on a quarterly basis with 4 partnered general practice clinics. (12 weeks in each clinic) 
  • Training/shadow ER nursing shift with experienced AREC nurses (x4 per month) 
  •  The above shifts equate to a minimum of 110 hours per 4-week rotation and include shift work. 


Candidate Information 


  • Must have graduated Cert IV Vet Nursing 
  • Candidates will be asked to apply for the Vet Nurse Internship program via the AREC website. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed. 
  • Successful candidates will begin their roles in early 2024 
  • Each candidate will rotate 1 day per week for 3 months through each partnered general practice clinic to see various clinic models and practices. 
  • Each Intern will work on a 4-week rotation, including day shifts, afternoon shifts, overnight shifts, weekends and public holidays. 
  • On general practice days – the objective is to learn the essential and foundational GP clinical skills that cannot be learned in an emergency environment, such as:
    • Restraining 
    • Anaesthetics 
    • Experience monitoring TPRs in stable patients 
    • Animal behaviour/handling practice 
    • Radiographs 
    • Placing IVs 
    • Taking & running bloods 
    • Setting up fluids 
    • Hands-on with exotics/pocket pets 
    • Using the above skills list, candidates must keep a logbook of clinical skills learnt and practised and have this signed by the GP supervising nurse/vet 
    • Understanding and being an active participant in all areas of being a nurse in a general practice clinic 


Learning that will be part of the Vet Nurse Internship program package: 


  • Fear Free Certification 
  • Mental Health First Aid 
  • AREC Animal Attendant Progression plan 
  • Reception Training 
  • General practice experience 
  • 4 shifts per 4-week rotation shadowing with an AREC nurse (e.g., Triage, Reception, Hospital, Initials) 


Possible Additional Training: 


  • First Aid (human) 
  • Fire Warden Training 
  • Additional responsibilities & learning of hospital management – (e.g., management of blood machines, blood donation program, etc.) 


AREC can offer: 


  • A modern workplace with an ethical framework 
  • Dedicated break nurses to ensure our staff are getting their breaks 
  • We’re a team; we all pitch in to get the job done and have fun while we’re doing it 


Remuneration Package includes: 


  • VNCA & AVNAT Registration 
  • Shift worker penalties include 5 weeks annual leave (pro rata for full-time) 
  • The Vet Nurse Internship positions will be employed as a permanent part-time employee of AREC 
  • The employment agreement given the above shift explanations will be a minimum of 110 hours per 4-week rotation.


MHFA - Skilled Workplace Recognition AREC VET


Internship Contacts 


Louise Carey 

AREC Practice Manager/ Program Coordinator 


Sasha Aurisch  

AREC Nurse Manager/Program Clinical Assessment Coordinator 


Have any further questions? Please reach out to us at



Applications close Friday 27th October 2023 at 5pm AEDT



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