BVSc(Hons) MANZCVSc (Emergency & Critical Care)

Nats graduated from Sydney university in 2003, then traveled south to Queanbeyan which was her first and last mixed practice job. Nats aspired to become a cattle vet in her final year at uni…but somehow stuck with the small animal side of things as it became more interesting to her.

After moving back to Sydney Nats worked at Camden for 2 years, then moved to Newcastle in early 2006 where she worked for the RSPCA for a short period of time, then started with NAEC in mid 2007.
Nats enjoys both medicine and surgery, doing surgeries gives her rush of adrenaline! She loves the challenges in theatre.

Nats’s biggest ex lap ever was on a pet goat named “Mr Doolittle” in the middle of the night at NAEC. He barely fitted onto the surgery table! He recovered well and we were so delighted to hear he was doing well at home.

Nats lives with 2 kids, hubby, and 2 feline children: Wana and Puddy.