Naomi entered the Veterinary industry in 2003, it was when she was completing work experience she realised her passion for animals. Naomi grew up on a farm with many different animals.Naomi was given her first pet, a cat named Candy at the age of 2.

Naomi gained employment with a mixed clinic including large and small animals. Naomi worked as a senior nurse at this clinic for over 10 years , one of her favourite memories was fostering over 100+  kittens and running an adoption program.

Naomi started with NAREC casually in 2013, it was here Naomi found that working as an Emergency nurse ment she had the ability to help save lives. Being apart of the reason an animal had the chance to live is beyond rewarding for her. Naomi now works permanently with AREC at our Maitland clinic.

Naomi lives with her husband Mathew and children Lucy, Ruby and Hudson. They have a some fur babies Garry the dog, trevor, felix and Brian the cats.