Cat & dog
blood donation

Give the gift of life to all pets in need of a vital blood transfusion.

We need blood donations to save lives

AREC relies on voluntary blood donations to deliver our emergency vet services


for Pet owners

Help safeguard the future health of your pet


for Vets

Ensure a good stock of blood for medical emergencies


for Nurses

Encourage donations to safeguard supply



Dog blood donation

Cat blood donation

Our cat and dog blood donation services

AREC needs donor blood from both dogs and cats to deliver emergency and critical care services. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dogs must:

Cats must:

The blood donation process

Step 1: We’ll record your pet’s weight and get you to sign a consent form.

Step 2: We’ll have a quick consultation to ensure your pet is well enough to donate that day. If so, we’ll admit them to our hospital.

Step 3: We’ll start by drawing blood from a peripheral vein for a free blood screening. This helps identify their blood type, haematology, biochemistry, and red blood cell concentration. 

Step 4: If the blood screen is normal, we’ll place a catheter in their leg to deliver fluids intravenously during and after the blood donation.

Step 5: Depending on your pet and their needs, we may then sedate them to help them relax.

Step 6: We clip your pet’s neck fur and surgically prep it for the needle to begin the donation. A nurse and vet are always on hand to care for your pet.

Step 7: Once a safe amount of blood has been collected, we move your pet to a warm bed to recover, where they’ll be given fluids, offered food and lots of pats for their efforts.

Step 8: After a few hours, you’ll be able to pick them up and give them more love at home.

What you need to know


– Rashes or skin irritation from clipping

– Swelling at the blood draw site

– Haematoma formation at blood draw site

– Temporary weakness post donation

– Nausea*

– Vomiting*

– Prolonged recovery post-donation*

– In extremely rare cases, death*

* If sedated


– Regular blood testing at no charge

– Early detection of potential health issues

– Certificate of recognition

– Gift voucher to say thank you

Ready to register your pet as a blood donor?

What we offer

AREC has delivered emergency care for pets in the Hunter for over 18 years. With more than 100 qualified staff on hand, we managed 10,000 pet emergencies in 2021.


We understand the stress and trauma of having to make decisions in an emergency.


We prioritise communication to keep you fully informed every step of the way.


Our team of vets, nurses and referring specialists are experts in delivering critical care.


We provide full support by giving a handover to your local vet to ensure continuity of care.

“Trauma, like car accidents, poisoning, rodenticide (rat bait) toxicity or other diseases, may mean that your pet will one day need a blood transfusion.”

Empathetic care & expert help

AREC’s emergency and critical care services reduce the burden on local veterinarians and give pet owners an extra level of reassurance. As a team of avid pet lovers, we help you navigate the fear and uncertainty of a pet emergency, providing deep understanding alongside expert care and attention.

Expert advice & tips on caring for your pet.

Rat Bait Toxicity in Dogs

Kevin’s owners brought him straight to AREC after noticing he was becoming lethargic and was off his food, he also had a mild nosebleed. A blood test confirmed he was suffering from rodenticide toxicity from ingestion of rat bait – which can be fatal.


Ticks on Dogs

Our emergency veterinarian, Dr Liz Napier shares advice on symptoms of paralysis ticks to look for, and the search techniques to find them on your pet.  Paralysis ticks are a

Dog licking chocolate bunny and easter eggs

Avoiding Easter Vet Bills

The dangers of chocolate, hot cross buns, and other seemingly-harmless treats. Plus, tips on how to keep your dog (and cat) safe and avoid vet bills this easter.


Work with Us

Would you like to join our successful team? We’re always on the hunt for veterinarians and nurses to provide specialist and emergency veterinary care. If you’re dedicated to saving the lives of pets and bringing peace of mind to pet owners, we’d love to hear from you.


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