Donated animals provide veterinarians with vital access to learning experiences that help improve the delivery of gold standard medical and surgical care.

They enable vets to participate in diagnostic imaging, surgical, and emergency procedure training, to ensure they have the skills and confidence to take action.

Our veterinarians are keenly aware of, and very grateful for, the privileged gift our donors afford them. At all times our donors are treated with the dignity and respect deserving of the meaningful life that has passed and the contribution to future welfare they make.

What happens when my pet dies?

Where your pet is a suitable donor, we will gratefully accept your pet into our donor program. We will hold your pet for no longer than 6 months, and will cremate your pet, with the option to return ashes to you.

Who is a suitable donor?

A donation may proceed where the following criteria are met

  • The donor is free of diseases that can transmit to humans or other animals
  • The donor program has room to accept a donor
  • The donated animal has a registered owner able to give consent for their gift.
  • We can accept donors up to 24 hours after passing away.
  • At this stage, we will only accept AREC patients who have passed away. For a variety of reasons we are not able to accept donations where an animal has passed away at another clinic.

Do you accept euthanased shelter animals?

No. For ethical reasons, no shelter or pound animals can be accepted into our program. Therefore we rely solely on donation of pets with registered family/owners that can consent to their gift.

What does donation cost?

There is no cost for donation or cremation. Any personalised requests such as special urns, will need to be ordered and paid for by the family.

I wish to donate my pet. What do I need to do?

AREC will ask that you complete a consent form for donation.
Our friendly team can help answer any further questions you may have.

Our donors help deliver quality veterinary care to the animals of the Hunter region.