Specialist Emergency & Critical Care & Residency trained in Internal Medicine

Dr Natashia Evans has now joined the AREC team!

Natashia is happy to discuss and receive referrals for both Internal Medicine and Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency & Critical Care Referrals:
As a Board Certified Criticalist Natashia is confidant in the diagnosis and management of variety of disease conditions including canine and feline pyothorax, spontaneous pneumothorax, polytrauma, post operative management of septic peritonitis, enteral/parenteral supplemental nutrition, complex toxicities, traumatic brain injury, neonatal intensive care and reproductive emergencies.  Natashia also has a particular interest in high risk anaesthesia and is happy to consult on complex cases undergoing general anesthesia.

Internal Medicine Referrals:
With her residency training in Small Animal Internal Medicine, including a three year stint in a cat only clinic, Natashia is very comfortable diagnosing and managing a variety of conditions including meningioencphalitis of unknown aetiology, cerebrovascular accidents and other thromboembolic events, IMHA, ITP, ureteral obstruction and acute kidney injury.  Natashia has a particular interest in feline medicine.

We offer endoscopic procedures including, rhinoscopy, oesophagoscopy (& foreign body removal), gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage, ultrasound (abdominal, thoracic, ultrasound-guided aspirates and biopsies).

Difficult diagnostic dilemmas, or medical mysteries, can now be referred and assessed at AREC.

We will soon offer bone marrow aspirates and biopsies for those difficult haematological or neoplastic diseases and CSF taps for assessment of difficult neurological diseases.