Dr Danielle Hoolahan has been on maternity leave since January 2018, and she was not sure of a return date to consulting in the Newcastle and North Coast region.
Dr Dani has now advised that she will not return to consulting here.
However, to ensure that our existing dermatology patients continue to have ongoing care as needed, we have made arrangements with Dr Philippa Ravens BSC BVSC MVS MANZCVS FANZCVS (Veterinary Dermatology) Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology at SASH Tuggerah.

Dr Ravens currently consults in Tuggerah on Wednesdays, and if the need arises, she will increase these days.  Our commitment to the ongoing care of our AREC patients is our utmost priority, so we will share all histories and records with Dr Ravens as required, to ensure a smooth transition for the care of your pet. Should you require any further dermatology appointments, medications etc, please contact SASH directly 02 4311 1311

We will however be advertising for a replacement Dermatologist, and will advise you when this service returns to AREC.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call and speak to Danica on 4957 7106 or email reception@arecvet.om.au

Family pets can suffer from chronic skin, ear and nail disease. If you’re concerned about the quality of your pets life or a condition or disease has failed to respond to general treatment then Dani Hoolahan and dermatology nurses are here to help.

Veterinary dermatology compliments the health care provided by your general practitioner with advanced qualifications and experience in identifying skin disorders, with specialised equipment, and the latest scientific information available.
We work with your family veterinarian to provide the best possible health care available. Dermatology referrals demonstrate that your family veterinarian is committed to providing you with all the options available to care for your pet. Reports are sent to your family veterinarian to ensure ongoing continuity of care.

We specialise in diagnosing and treating chronic and severe skin and ear disease, immune mediated and hormonal skin disease, nail and nail bed disease, skin manifestations of internal disease, allergic skin disease.

Common Symptoms:

  • Itchy skin and ears
  • Hair loss
  • Ear or skin infections
  • Hot spots or sores
  • Allergies (environmental, food, fleas)

Consultation Availability:

Dr Hoolahan consults at our Broadmeadow clinic on Fridays.

She also travels to Port Macquarie approximately 4-5 times a year.