Dedicated Animal imaging

Helping vets across Newcastle and the Hunter to provide accurate diagnoses for pets

Animal imaging for better health outcomes

Specialised animal imaging is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment


for Pet owners

Advanced imaging enables accurate diagnosis


for Vets

Specialised advice supports treatment decisions


for Nurses

Valuable insights help inform critical care





CT & MRI (when specialist services are active)


Our animal imaging services

AREC gives local veterinarians access to a full range of imaging services so you can deliver the best possible care to pets and their families.

animal imaging MRI machine Hospital


Our GE Light Speed machine supports portosystemic shunts, intravenous pyelograms, whole body cancer hunts and more (when specialist services are active).


We have access to a Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T scanner aids in the identification of brain and spinal cord lesions and soft
tissue tumours
 (when specialist services are active).


Our Esoate MyLab 70 Veterinary ultrasound simplifies abdominal exams, fine needle aspirates and tissue biopsies.


Our FijiFilm Digital X-Ray suite allows for quick analysis and diagnosis, with detailed films and reports supplied for ongoing care.

How it works

Our expert imaging team delivers emergency scans for pets in our hospital and as a service for local vets

Emergency imaging

In-patient imaging is used to assess emergency trauma patients and determine optimal treatment

Imaging Referrals

General practice and specialist vets can refer pet owners to our imaging centre for further investigation

What we offer

AREC provides valuable imaging tools for pet owners, vets, and veterinary nurses. 

Specialist team

Our expert team delivers full imaging interpretation and reporting services.

24/7 Response

We have a full team on-site 24/7 to provide immediate advice and support.

Latest technology

Our Esoate MyLab 70 Veterinary Ultrasound is one of only 10 in Australia (when specialist services are active).

Referral Network

We work with industry leaders to deliver the very best service and care.

“AREC provides valuable imaging tools for
pet owners, vets, and veterinary nurses.”

We’re here to help

We help local vets get to the bottom of animal health care issues to diagnose and identify an optimal treatment approach. Our animal imaging services speed up the diagnostic process, giving pets access to the care they need quickly, also giving pet owners peace of mind that they are accessing the best possible care for their beloved animal.

Expert advice & tips on caring for your pet.

Rat Bait Toxicity in Dogs

Kevin’s owners brought him straight to AREC after noticing he was becoming lethargic and was off his food, he also had a mild nosebleed. A blood test confirmed he was suffering from rodenticide toxicity from ingestion of rat bait – which can be fatal.


Ticks on Dogs

Our emergency veterinarian, Dr Liz Napier shares advice on symptoms of paralysis ticks to look for, and the search techniques to find them on your pet.  Paralysis ticks are a

Dog licking chocolate bunny and easter eggs

Avoiding Easter Vet Bills

The dangers of chocolate, hot cross buns, and other seemingly-harmless treats. Plus, tips on how to keep your dog (and cat) safe and avoid vet bills this easter.


Work with Us

Would you like to join our successful team? We’re always on the hunt for veterinarians and nurses to provide specialist and emergency veterinary care. If you’re dedicated to saving the lives of pets and bringing peace of mind to pet owners, we’d love to hear from you.