LASER  is a new rehabilitation technique in Australia, using a concentrated light source to deliver energy to tissues.
The LASER light triggers biologic changes in the tissue.
The LASER activates receptors in the power house of the body’s cells, to stimulates the production of ATP – the cellular energy currency.

This accelerates cellular metabolism, which means accelerated healing in as many tissues as the light can penetrate. Our class 4 laser is able to reach the deepest nerve tissues within a spinal cord and everything in between.

LASER also stimulates DNA production and can activate enzymes and can stimulate stem cell proliferation.
Beneficial Effects of LASER on tissues includes wound healing bone and cartilage repair, arthritis pain management, ligament and tendon repair and reduction of inflammation, pain relief in muscles and accelerated nerve repair and restoration of function after spinal or nerve injury.

LASER complements healing in a safe, non invasive way, without drugs. This can be a great treatment alternative for dogs with complicated medical illnesses, who are already taking multiple medications.