General rule: MRI is much more sensitive, but CT is more specific


  • Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T scanner
  • From $2700
  • Best for nervous syste – brain and spial cord lesions including GME/MUO – type lesions and vascular accidents (strokes)
  • Soft tissue tumours – specifically margins, vascular invasion (adrenal tumours)


  • GE Light Speed
  • From $1450
  • Best for hard tissue – bone, nasal disease, spine and skull
  • Great for lung disease
  • Whole body “cancer hunts”
  • Excellent for contrast studies such as porto-systemic shunts, intravenous pyelograms
Dog in MRI
Our referral vet nurse Nadine preparing an AREC patient for an MRI scan

By referring, and in consultation with, our referral veterinarians,

Dr Natashia Evans (Specialist in Critical Care) & Dr Julian Lunn (Small Animal Surgeon).

If you have a patient who you believe requires advanced imaging, please either call to discuss, or complete the online referral form.