Physiotherapy and veterinary rehabilitation complement the surgical and medical referral services provided here at AREC.

Recovery can sometimes involve many steps, and physiotherapy, physical training and conditioning exercises can speed healing and recovery, so that your pet returns to normal activities quicker.

Just as in the human medical world, veterinary rehabilitation can involve strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, joint mobilisations and conditioning or fitness and endurance activities. We help pets learn to walk again after spinal surgery and nurture them through the stages of nerve repair and recovery. We help pets that have had joint surgeries to use their limb properly after the surgeon has changed the geometry of the joint. Every step of the healing journey is carefully monitored to restore your pet to their bouncy former self.

A big part of veterinary physiotherapy or rehabilitation is owner education. We provide handouts, demonstrations and coach you through the process of helping your pet achieve the best results. We demonstrate massage techniques and muscle therapy for you to perform at home, so that after a few consults, owners are able to love their pets therapeutically. We empower owners to help their pets in the recovery and rehabilitation process.