Customised rehab programs to help your pet live their best life.

Improve mobility with animal rehabilitation

Support your pet through surgery, illness, injury or aging and improve their quality of life


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Help keep your pet mobile and pain-free


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Call on specialist advice to improve outcomes 


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Access resources to improve recovery post-surgery







Our animal rehabilitation services

Whether you’re nursing your pet through illness, injury, or aging, AREC’s animal rehabilitation and physiotherapy services can improve their recovery and quality of life.


Our surgical specialists manage spinal and joint surgeries plus cruciate repairs to improve mobility.


Our trained rehabilitation vet speeds up recovery with regenerative medicine and stem cell & laser therapy.


Our trained rehabilitation vet speeds up recovery with regenerative medicine and stem cell & laser therapy.


Pet-owners receive education and information to support their pet’s health and wellbeing at home. 

How rehab works

AREC’s qualified rehabilitation veterinarian can work with your pet following emergency surgery. We also accept referrals from general practice vets to support ongoing recovery

PEr owners

Emergency Surgery: If your pet comes to us in an emergency, we can speed up their recovery with a customised rehabilitation program.

Chronic Conditions: Your vet may refer your pet to us for more intensive therapy to reduce pain and improve mobility.


Post-Surgery Rehab: We support pets following emergency or major surgery (even if we didn’t conduct the surgery).


Specialist Referrals: Vets can refer pet owners can also be referred to us for specialist rehabilitation services via the referral form below.

What we offer

With a dedicated rehabilitation veterinarian and an experienced emergency and critical care team on hand, AREC is committed to improving the health of your pets.

Rehab Expertise

We have a dedicated animal rehabilitation vet on hand to guide recovery.


Our purpose-built centre is equipped with the latest tools and technologies.


With over 100 staff, our team has a wealth of skills and experience to share.


We provide ongoing education to help you manage their recovery at home.

“We use a combination of physiotherapy exercises, stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine and laser therapy to provide recovering pets with the best of care.”

We’re here to help

We believe every pet deserves a good life. Here at AREC, our animal rehabilitation services help your pet recover quickly from surgery. We support ill, injured, and aging pets, delivering services to reduce pain, increase mobility and enhance their quality of life.

Expert advice & tips on caring for your pet.

Rat Bait Toxicity in Dogs

Kevin’s owners brought him straight to AREC after noticing he was becoming lethargic and was off his food, he also had a mild nosebleed. A blood test confirmed he was suffering from rodenticide toxicity from ingestion of rat bait – which can be fatal.


Ticks on Dogs

Our emergency veterinarian, Dr Liz Napier shares advice on symptoms of paralysis ticks to look for, and the search techniques to find them on your pet.  Paralysis ticks are a

Dog licking chocolate bunny and easter eggs

Avoiding Easter Vet Bills

The dangers of chocolate, hot cross buns, and other seemingly-harmless treats. Plus, tips on how to keep your dog (and cat) safe and avoid vet bills this easter.


Work with Us

Would you like to join our successful team? We’re always on the hunt for veterinarians and nurses to provide specialist and emergency veterinary care. If you’re dedicated to saving the lives of pets and bringing peace of mind to pet owners, we’d love to hear from you.