Specialising in emergency surgery and surgery referrals from vet clinics. Across Newcastle and the Hunter region

Emergency and specialist veterinary surgery

Expert veterinary surgery services save lives and improve health outcomes for your pet


for Pet owners

24/7 access to emergency surgery for your pet


for Vets

Specialised advice, support, and referrals for surgical services


for Nurses

Expert aftercare services to support full recovery








Our veterinary surgery services

AREC supports local vets with a full range of veterinary surgery services, including consults, reviews, and aftercare, to help you deliver the best possible care to pets and their families.

Emergency first surgery


– Cruciates

– Fractures

– Arthrodesis



– Wobblers

– Congenital disease


– Vascular ring anomalies

– Chylothorax

– PDAs


– Lung tumours

– Adrenalectomies

– Complex skin reconstruction

Soft Tissue

– Hepato-biliary disease

– Ectopic ureters

– Hydraulic occluders for urethral sphincter incompetence


How it works

AREC offers emergency surgery after hours and on weekends.

We also provide ongoing local surgical support for referring local veterinarians.

Pet owners

Step 1: Have a pet emergency after hours? Come in and see us.

Step 2: A nurse will triage your pet and one of our vets will examine them.

Step 3: We’ll provide a treatment plan and help you decide on the best way forward.


Emergency Surgery: Refer pet owners to AREC after hours (or during business hours if you’re unable to perform the surgery).

Specialist Referrals: You can also refer pet owners to AREC for specialist surgical intervention via the referral form below.

What we offer

Offering the most comprehensive suite of surgical services in the Hunter, AREC provides peace of mind for pet owners, vets, and veterinary nurses. 

Surgical Expertise

Our vet surgeons are continually learning so they can deliver optimal outcomes.

24/7 Care

We have an experienced nursing team on-site 24/7 to provide emergency surgery support.

Dedicated Facility

Our Newcastle clinic features state-of-the-art facilities & equipment.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing aftercare & support to vets, nurses

“We are committed to providing local follow-up support
for you and your family veterinarian.”

We’re here to help

Our goal is to support local veterinarians to provide the best level of care possible for pets and their families. Specialising in complex and emergency veterinary services, we work with your clinic to secure the health and wellbeing of the pets in your care, improving health outcomes and bringing peace of mind to their worried families.

Expert advice & tips on caring for your pet.

Rat Bait Toxicity in Dogs

Kevin’s owners brought him straight to AREC after noticing he was becoming lethargic and was off his food, he also had a mild nosebleed. A blood test confirmed he was suffering from rodenticide toxicity from ingestion of rat bait – which can be fatal.


Ticks on Dogs

Our emergency veterinarian, Dr Liz Napier shares advice on symptoms of paralysis ticks to look for, and the search techniques to find them on your pet.  Paralysis ticks are a

Dog licking chocolate bunny and easter eggs

Avoiding Easter Vet Bills

The dangers of chocolate, hot cross buns, and other seemingly-harmless treats. Plus, tips on how to keep your dog (and cat) safe and avoid vet bills this easter.


Work with Us

Would you like to join our successful team? We’re always on the hunt for veterinarians and nurses to provide specialist and emergency veterinary care. If you’re dedicated to saving the lives of pets and bringing peace of mind to pet owners, we’d love to hear from you.