Spider Drop Off for Anti-Venom Program

The Animal Referral & Emergency Centre has now become an official drop off point for the Spider Anti-Venom Program for The Reptile Park.

Being a 24/7 facility, we are a convenient drop off point, however, there are some important points to note for anyone considering dropping a spider off to us:

  1. We are only a drop off point and do not provide any spider related advice.
  2. We therefore do not conduct any identifications
  3. We will only accept spiders in a closed container that can be left with the spider.
  4. We will not decant or move a spider from one container to another

When you have a spider to drop to us, the process is as follows:

  1. Please ring the bell at the front door and advise the staff member you have a spider to drop
  2. The AREC staff member will ask you to complete a brief form with your name, contact details and location spider was found
  3. The AREC staff member will safely store the spider on site until The Reptile Park collect.

For any further advice regarding spiders or the program, we encourage you to visit the dedicated Reptile Park web page:


We are really proud to have a small part to play in this amazing program:

“The venom is used by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories – better known as BioCSL Limited, to manufacture the only Australian antivenoms that save human snake bite and spider bite victims. The Reptile Park is the sole supplier of the venoms required by BioCSL Limited in the production of antivenoms for terrestrial snakes (not sea snakes) and funnel-web spiders. To keep up the supply of venoms, highly trained staff of the Australian Reptile Park regularly ‘milk’ more than 300 snakes and 500 spiders that are included in the program.” (www.reptilepark.com.au)


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