Surgery for your pet

Your choices – who and where?

There are times when we take our much loved pets to our trusted and familiar vet clinic for troubling issues such as injury or illness.  As your veterinarian examines your pet, they may require more tests or diagnostics.  Those tests may reveal something for your vet to decide to action.  Sometimes, the tests may uncover more questions or concerns. In some cases, your vet may advise you to seek further treatment or investigation by one of their professional peers.  This is where AREC’s referral services may be considered.

When should you consider a surgical referral for your pet?

Who and why……..

Animal health services have evolved and improved exponentially over recent decades.  You may not be aware that there are services for our pets which are both specialist and referral – these include Dermatologists, Criticalists, Opthamology, Rehabilitation/Physio – and in this case – SURGICAL with Dr Julian Lunn.

Your regular veterinarian will likely conduct many surgical procedures throughout their day, week and lifetime.  Dr Julian Lunn is a small animal surgeon who the Newcastle Region has been lucky enough to have since 2017.    So what makes Dr Julian different? And when is it appropriate to consider a surgical referral to him?

Experience and Expertise

You only need to read Dr Lunn’s professional bio on our website (, to begin to realise the depth of his experience in surgery!  Very early in his career, he set on the trajectory of surgery instead of general vet practice.  And before moving his family to Newcastle, he worked for almost a decade in Brisbane at Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) – Australia’s largest and most comprehensive veterinary referral service (Who offer Surgery, Medicine, Emergency, Oncology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Dentistry). VSS sees over 5000 new patients every year!!

Julian therefore had the unique opportunity to practice in a specialist referral setting on a scale that, until now, did not yet exist in the Newcastle region.  The expertise and extensive experience he now brings to our local pets include complicated orthopaedic and spinal procedures, soft tissue procedures such as portosystemic shunt attenuation, intrathoracic and cardiovasvular procedures, oncology and reconstructive surgery)

Referral Surgery Team

State of the art facilities

One of the key reasons Julian chose AREC for the next step in his surgical career, was the fact that we are a hospital which is FULLY STAFFED 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your pet is looked after by experienced vets and nurses at all times.

This is the single most important aspect of your pets care. While we offer a dedicated and highly experienced surgical staff that undertake the most complicated procedures like spinal surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, oncological (cancer) procedures and major abdominal and orthopaedic procedures such as Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomies for Cruciate disease and liver lobectomies, we would not be able to offer these without the ability to monitor your pet’s recovery every minute of every day. That means we can carefully tailor pain relief, respiratory support, antibiotics and all other aspects of these complicated recoveries at all stages, ensuring your pet has the best possible chance of a smooth, effective recovery, not to mention getting home healthier and as soon as possible.

We have recently upgraded our hospital with dedicated radiology, CT and surgical suites. We have isolation wards as well as heated cages with dedicated oxygen supplies. We have ultrasound and endoscopy available and we are proud to announce a continuation of our partnership with the John Hunter’s Medical Research Institute to offer MRI through using one of Australia’s most modern machines.

Advanced Surgery Suite

Local – for support and follow up

No other veterinary practice in the Hunter Region is able to offer the level of care we at AREC can offer to ensure that your pet is always in the best hands no matter the time.

Additional expertise

Furthermore, it is the existence of additional referral and specialist services here at AREC that can often (even intuitively) complement the surgical service we offer.  Dr Julian now has the company of Dr Natashia Evans who is a Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care and residency trained in small animal medicine.  This is especially relevant when your pet has highly complex medical needs.

Dr Natashia Evans
Dr Natashia Evans
Specialist Emergency & Critical Care & Residency trained in Internal Medicine

But in the world of surgery, it is often the rehabilitation phase which can greatly impact the overall outcome of your pet’s health. We are also very lucky here at AREC to have Dr Lindy Price, who is a dedicated Rehabilitation Veterinarian.

Dr. Lindy Price is uniquely placed, with her memberships in surgery and CCRP from the University of Tennessee, to provide your patients with a careful rehabilitation program, individually tailored to your patient.  She has a practical knowledge of orthopaedic surgery and will work with your clients to maximise and hasten recovery from surgery and protect the surgical repair in the process.

Rehabilitation has a very broad application and can benefit a great variety of orthopaedic and neurologic cases. Using a combination of techniques, including laser therapy Lindy has managed conservative spinal cases, Degenerative Myelopathy, and neurologic injuries with great success.

Orthopaedic cases always benefit from rehabilitation, in just the same way as we have experienced with human orthopaedic cases. Would you consider getting your ACL repaired and not going to physio? Human surgeons are well aware that physiotherapy and rehabilitation will achieve far superior results. We can now enjoy the same benefits in the veterinary arena.

Dr Lindy Price
Rehabilitation Veterinarian

If you would like to make an appointment for a surgery referral with Dr Julian Lunn, please click the following link: