Fiona Rumbel Emergency Veterinary Nurse AREC

Fiona Rumbel

Nurse Team Leader
Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, Fear-Free Certified

I have always had a keen interest in ECC. Up until recently I had worked in Mixed Animal GP but decided to jump feet first into the world of Emergency and am loving it! Being able to comfort animals through the stress and anxiety of being unwell and separated from their families is something I find of great importance. I also have a little soft spot for our grey faced oldies. My willingness to learn means that I am able to adapt and work in different roles throughout the workplace. Emergency Nursing has always been an interest of mine and now that I am working at AREC I am keen to absorb as much knowledge as possible to be able to help as many patients as I can. I love to keep busy so when I’m not at work you will find me hanging out with my chickens, my adorable Jack Russel Terrier Dotti and gardening. I also have a strong interest in Agriculture and sustainable Beef Cattle farming.


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