Madalin Boga AREC Vet

Madalin Boga

Vet Nurse Intern
Certificate IV In Veterinary Nursing, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Since starting at AREC, having such an important role with the wildlife brought in has made me more eager to understand their needs to better care for them. Pathology is also a big interest of mine, and AREC provides excellent technology to further my understanding of different tests, also diagnostic imaging is also a fun and enjoyable interest in working at AREC.
I believe I am a team player, I enjoy making sure everyone is good and able to perform their tasks at hand. I am also one to never back down to getting my hands dirty and always ready to tackle any hard task. I love to bake, and many of the staff at AREC look forward to when I bring in baked goods. Scrapbooking is a big love of mine also. I also enjoy tackling a puzzle, when I get the chance between occupying the 3 cats and 2 bunnies I have at home.


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