Sommer Crouch AREC Emergency Vet Newcastle NSW. Sommer has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a black jacket with the AREC logo embroidered on it. The back ground is a timber wall with the AREC logo on a sign in the background. Sommer is smiling.

Sommer Crouch

Customer Service Representative
BA Arts (Psych)

I pride myself on my people skills and my love for learning. I can often be found picking the brains of nurses and vets about cases that have presented, in order to better understand future patients’ needs.

My background in disability and mental health support work, along with my undergraduate degree majoring in psychology, has helped build my skillset in supporting others in times of need. I am thrilled to be working with a great team of equally understanding, empathetic, and kind individuals.

I am a long-term vegan (yes, I had to mention it), animal lover, and artist. In my spare time, I can be found either training in MMA, creating some weird artwork, or being super lazy at home on the couch with my dog.


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