To CT or to not CT – that is the question?

The cost of a $1500 CT can sometimes have pet owners (and even their regular vet), questioning the need for expenditure.  In the below article, our Medicine Specialist Dr Geoff Gibbons, shares some case files and images, to show that sometimes this tool can even save unnecessary spending or treatment.

Radiographs are useful, but do you want a diagnosis?

 Having now worked with a CT unit in the Riverina, Adelaide and now in Newcastle at the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre, I am absolutely convinced of its value.For instance, when investigating nasal discharge now, I never radiograph but go straight to CT before scope and biopsy.  Both procedures require a general anaesthetic, so the actual CT procedure fee is just over double that of the radiograph fee.  The difference is that frequently the CT provides a diagnosis and the radiographs do not.  The savings in unnecessary Vet and hospital time can be substantial.