Emergency & Critical Care Vet Nurse Positions

Does the thrill of never knowing exactly what kind of patient is going to walk through the door each night excite you?

You will be working alongside our team of Emergency and Critical Care staff with the view of progressing (with training) into sole charge emergency nursing shifts.  This position would be suitable for nurses with previous experience in this role or those who are looking for a new direction with their nursing.
These positions are ideal for experienced GP nurses looking to develop their skills, or for experienced nurses looking for a change.

**Applications for our May recruitment drive close Friday 16th April**

You :

  • Preferred minimum 3 years GP experience in a busy practice.
  • Experience in working both sole charge and in a team.
  • Positive outlook.
  • Flexibility to work some Public Holidays, Weekends, Overnights (eg 8pm until 6am).
  • Confident in your basic nursing skills.
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Ability to stay calm in a busy environment
  • A drive to experience something new and challenging
  • Certificate IV or equivalent in Veterinary Nursing
  • High quality written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise and multi-task

About the job:

  • Nursing;
    • intravenous catheter placement, intravenous blood samples, assisting with radiographs, bandaging, monitoring anaesthetics.
    • Ensure appropriate diagnostics are performed and results recorded and communicated
    • Advanced nursing techniques such as ventilator care
    • Communicate patient progress to staff, clients and referral hospitals
    • Assisting other nurses and doctor
    • Reception Duties
    • Handle patients in line with our “Low Stress Handling” Techniques

AREC can offer:

  • On-the-job training of more advanced Nursing Procedures
  • Continuing Education Allowance and Study Leave for permanent staff
  • Above award remuneration – our overnight penalty rates are especially attractive/competitive!
  • We like toys and gadgets, and have all the usual, plus extras like a CT machine.
  • A modern workplace with an ethical framework
  • We’re a team, we all pitch in to get the job done and have fun while we’re doing it

Please talk to us about your interest in either full time, part time or casual positions.
** Please note, casual position requirements are a minimum of 2 shifts per month and include overnight shifts.

Vet Nurse Team Leaders

We have opportunities within our Animal Attendant and Vet Nursing Teams for Team Leaders.  These positions are frontline leaders to ensure consistency in the day to day running of the hospital and delivery of training and new initiatives.

Team leaders work closely with both frontline staff and the management team. With the right attitude and communication, this will help our team achieve a more informed workforce at every level, and assist management in making better informed decisions that affect frontline workers, so that we can deliver not only patient and client care, but also provide a physically and mentally safe workplace.

Team leaders may or may not have direct reports assigned to them. Nursing team leaders are more likely to have areas of responsibility to oversee operational components of the business.  The Animal Attendant Team Leader however will have a team of direct reports.

Team leaders can;

  • Display behaviours consistent with AREC’s core values
  • Display a level of Emotional Intelligence that enables them to see and appreciate perspectives held by team members at all levels within the organisation
  • Have respectful, difficult conversations with team members at all levels within the organisation, pet owners, referral veterinarians and vendors
  • Train team members in current and new processes
  • Hold team members accountable
  • Displays a high level of clinical competence in their current role

1. Permanent AREC Employee
2. Employed a minimum of 50 hours per fortnight and able to work per our shift worker obligations
3. Demonstrate effective oral and written skills.
4. Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, Yammer)
5. Shows leadership by example
6. Communicates to develop people and can provide feedback to improve work performance and efficiency
7. Demonstrate your own ongoing learning

Team leaders are required to attend regular training/meetings and will require a level of flexibility to achieve this.
This could consist of but is not limited to the following:

  • Current and new policies and procedures
  • SpecVet processes and higher-level IT understanding
  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Checklist processes
  • Effective huddles
  • WHS, Risk Assessment and Emergency procedures – fire, storm, armed hold-up, first aid
  • Allocating appropriate staff numbers to shifts whether quiet or busy and overtime approval
  • Mentoring & progression plans
  • Fair Work/HR training
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Monthly/quarterly meetings

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of our Code of Conduct and how they will lead and support our frontline team.  They will also be able to demonstrate an ongoing desire to constantly learn and grow within their role. We would love to hear from either AREC staff or non-AREC employees who have a sound background in vet nursing.