Until you find yourself sitting in the waiting area of a vet clinic, you will probably be unaware of the situation of veterinarian availability and recruitment.   
Emergency vet services appear to be at the ‘pointy end’ due to reasons such as the unforgiving nature of shift work.

The Animal Referral and Emergency Service here in Newcastle, began in 2004 as an after hours service for pet owners of the region. By having this service for the pets of our region, meant not only do we no longer need to travel long distances to access such support, but our hard working and valued daytime veterinarians, are supported by allowing them to achieve a better work life balance.

What you may not know however, is that a shift in the veterinarian labour market has been occurring over a number years.

Here at AREC, we have also been affected. Waiting times in the emergency reception area are one of the outcomes of this ongoing situation. But it is not just our region which is being affected – it is a national and growing international discussion.

Here are a number of articles and links which discuss the situation and some of the reasons why;

The following article recently generated alot of awareness (& social media chatter) regarding the current situation for veterinarians;


The attached pdf is an official document published May 2018 by The Australian Government – Department of Jobs and Small Business;